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Welcome to the start of another ASPE year.  I hope everyone had a great summer.

Our first event of the year will be the September 17th lunch meeting at the Italian American Community Center.  Mr. Chris Zaveruha will give a presentation on water heaters including new DOE efficiency requirements and applications for high-efficiency water heaters.  Mr. Zaveruha has been with the Hubbell Electric Heater Co. for over eight years.  He is now the National Sales Manager.  He is also a member of the Arizona Chapter of ASPE.

Sal Sgueglia, our chapter VP Technical, has put together some great programs again this year.  There are some open dates later into the year so if there is a topic you wish to see discussed please let Sal or myself know.  We welcome all suggestions from the members.  Remember, this is your organization.  Also, please contact any of the chapter officers if you are interested in the tabletop presentation at the meetings.

Rumor has it that there may be a new set of building codes in the near future for New York State.  If that is the case we hope to have a presentation on the changes that will impact the plumbing industry.  But since there are committees and government agencies involved there is no certain date of when that would be.

I would like to thank everyone who helped to make the June golf outing a great success.  Kevin Mosher again performed a great service to the chapter by organizing and running the event.  Thanks also to our major sponsors, our sponsors, and most importantly to all of those who participated in the event.  This is our major fundraising event for the year and is also an opportunity to socialize with our friends and colleagues. 

There are many people who contribute to the chapter.  I would like to thank our Board of Directors including Mike Mullins (Membership), Kevin Mosher (Affiliate Liaison), Beth Bilger (Treasurer), Sal Sgueglia (Technical), and Don Knuth (Newsletter Editor) for their service this year and for many years in the past.  Brigette Grady accepts the reservations which is a big help to the chapter.  And many of our affiliates contribute to the well being of the organization.   Thank you all.

The ASPE Technical Symposium is being held in St. Louis from October 1 - 4.  They have many great technical presentations scheduled.  If you are interested please check out the ASPE web site at 

This is the start of our 24th year as an official ASPE chapter.  The charter was presented to us on September 20, 1991.   We will have to have a ceremony next September for the 25th anniversary.

Bob Wilson

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