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NYS Application For Approval of Backflow Prevention Devices

Technical Data for Propane, Butane,
and LPG Mixtures
Nonmetallic Pipe
Identification Guide
Hermetically Sealed Gas
Booster Systems

NYS Approved Backflow Prevention Devices

United States
Water Hardness Map
For Cryogenic Gases
And Equipment
Medical Air &
Medical Vacuum
Design Guide
Min Space Requirements For Plumbing Fixture Supports
PDI Guide To
Grease Interceptors

Medical Air Dryer
Cryogenic Liquid Manifolds Application Guide
Ethylene Oxide
Fact Sheet
Liquid Oxygen
Fact Sheet
PDI Code Guide 302 and
Glossary of Industry Terms
Mixing Valve Standards
Fireflow Testing
ORION Chemical
Treatment Systems
Drinking Water
Treatment Overview
Legionella Memo
Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) Overview
Waterborne Pathogens And Compliance With Joint Commission Requirements
Testing & Rating Procedure for Type 1 Hydro-Mech Grease Interceptors
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